Every magician needs their own trademark trick, whether that’s pulling a rabbit out of a hat or picking the right card from the deck. These magicians have full frontal nudity.

Australian duo Christopher Wayne and Mike Tyler aka The Naked Magicians bring their comedy magic show back to the Fringe for the second time with great excitement. However, their latest hour seems to be less of a magic show than a comedy striptease.

Indeed, the moment they step out on stage, a large inflatable penis is thrown into the crowd as a device to select an audience member to join them on stage. Be warned, this show relies heavily on audience participation but, oddly enough, the magicians seem to have a knack for picking the right person. The crass sexual innuendo doesn’t stop and continues through each trick and routine, including the likes of a twerking striptease, creating a fake porno name, and escaping from a straitjacket. Kudos to the duo, though, they keep everything light and cheeky enough to keep people laughing.

The show feels like a comedy with a little bit of illusion thrown in just to make the eventual stripping that much more anticipated. The magic itself feels a little amateurish and the tricks often fall flat. The duo, however, do have their charming charisma and of course, their admirable physiques to fall back on. And for those coming only for the full monty, yes, it does eventually happen with yet another card trick.

This is certainly an X-rated show which is more hilarious than it is spectacular but good for light, cheeky, hen night-style entertainment.

Words: Claire Jack

The Naked Magicians, Assembly Rooms, Aug 15-27 (not 21), 9.45pm

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