Tucked away in the Pleasance Jack Dome, The Not So Late Show with Ross and Josh is a daft show that, if you can stick with it, provides a good few chuckles.

Set up as an alternative late night chat show, the Jack Dome provides the perfect intimate venue for this show, meaning you might be able to literally see the sweat of the performers, but also meaning the audience can properly appreciate the DIY charm Ross and Josh present. Makeshift visual aids, costumes and props accompany sketches, games and ‘special guests’. Surely this is the only show in the Fringe to both interview a dinosaur and showcase a piano playing talking baby? Even more surprisingly, they pull it off well.

This is not a smooth show and all the better for it. Some of the best moments are improvised or come from mistakes that Ross and Joss manage to take in their stride. By far the highlight of the show is the UK Garage Horse Racing which is a unique treat. The show also has a few hidden easter eggs to watch out for that add to the whole experience.

The Not So Late Show’s comedy content is well linked throughout with a particularly strong finish. While this may not be a laugh out loud show, it definitely provides enough to keep the audience entertained.

Words: Ryan Johnson

The Not So Late Show with Ross and Josh, Pleasance Jack Dome, Aug 4-28 (not 14), 10.45pm

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