The Piff the Magic Dragon Show has become a bit of a festival maverick so it is easy to see why everyone keeps coming back to his famous Fringe show.

Distasteful and dislikeable, Piff is joined by his chihuahua sidekick, Mr Piffles, to perform magic alongside him, but it isn’t just Piff’s classic card tricks that will entertain you. The show is brought to the height of amusement through Piff’s crass attitude and flippant insults to the audience which make the show a brilliant blend of magic and comedy.

Piff the Magic Dragon is silly, light hearted and incredibly engaging. The show is slapstick at times and filled with gimmicks but contains humour that appeals to everyone’s taste, proving that the performance is truly the essence of the Edinburgh Fringe.

Words: Lucinda Ross

The Piff the Magic Dragon Show, Assembly Theatre, 5-13 August, 8.30pm

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