Since premiering at the Unicorn Theatre in London back in 2016, The Polar Bears Go Up has toured around Shanghai and Hong Kong, and now they’ve hit the Fringe Festival with an adorable adventure that is fun for all the family. Children will be enraptured as two lovable Polar Bears embark on the adventure of a lifetime after receiving a mysterious package that will get them to the moon and back.

This show is full of mischievous and enchanting moments, created with imagination and creativity. The performers have the timing just right, keeping the kids fully entertained throughout, while the charming story will make them fall in love with exploration. However, this performance is not just for the young: parents will have just as much fun, and maybe even leave feeling younger again too.

The Polar Bears Go Up is worthy of its own television series , already packed as it is with fantastic visual elements and charisma aplenty. If you’re looking for a show that gives the whole family the chance to relax and have fun, follow the polar bears on their magical and uplifting expedition for the perfect start to a family day out.

Words: Miriam Larrainzar

The Polar Bears Go Up, Pleasance at EICC, Aug 10-27 (not 14, 21, 23), times vary

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