The Second Copy: 2045 is an abstract piece of theatre posing as a documentary in the year 2045, where political conflicts have changed the world so much that only memories of art remain. The show follows no real linear storyline; instead, it presents us with three artistic segments, which the protagonist talks us through. All three parts of the documentary introduce us to the different dynamics of contemporary Moroccan art, from the year 2000 until 2045.

Written, performed and directed by Youness Atbane, the whole piece is meticulously choreographed and considered. The piece looks into identity and self-control, and Atbane often loses himself in the passion of his performance as he discusses the perils of limited freedom of speech.

Even though interesting and original, at points The Second Copy does have the feel of a scratch performance. This could be due to the fact that the performance was originally written in Arabic and is currently undergoing changes as he begins to present the piece to different cultures. The space in which this show is delivered sometimes hinders the atmosphere as, at times, the performance feels like a lecture, slowing down the pace and leaving the audience wondering.

Nonetheless, it is a shame that this artistic project is on so early in the morning, as it brings a completely different genre of theatre to the Fringe. If you enjoy all aspects of theatre and are a fan of the abstract, the contemporary and the existential, then make the effort to get up early and experience something new.

Words: Miriam Larrainzar

The Second Copy: 2045, Summerhall, Aug 2-27 (not 7,14, 21), 10.15am

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