So, it turns out that competition found within the film Pitch Perfect is a real thing. What’s more is that these delightful chaps have won it. Propelling out with Queen’s Bicycle Race, you know this is going to be a fantastic performance.

A capella, when pulled off well, is a momentous crowd pleaser and the Techtonics are masters of the craft. A selection of science based students from Imperial College strike out with slick choreography and tremendous vocals which don’t really need to be discussed – they’re flawless. The scripted material is a little cheesy and the structure of songs could be rearranged as some numbers are far superior to the finale. Regardless, Don’t Push the Button has moments of well-placed and unexpected comedy which really elevates this talented a capella group.

Words: Dominic Corr

The Techtonics: Don’t Push the Button, SpaceTriplex, Aug 28, 2.50pm

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