The Unknown Soldier is a powerful and gripping one-man show centred around an ordinary soldier at the end of the First World War, powerfully played by writer Ross Ericson. It details his memories and experiences of the conflict as he carries out an unusual order from the generals whilst honouring an old friend.

Both Ericson’s performance and the script manage to convey the horrors, sadness and black humour of the various situations soldiers find themselves in during this time. In addition, the play attacks the self-serving, jingoistic nature of the authorities, who present a heroic image of the war whilst discarding and undermining the very men who are so central to the whole affair. The Unknown Soldier is an unmissable and thought-provoking play that has so much relevance in today’s society.

Words: Adam Thornton

The Unknown Soldier, Assembly Hall, Aug 26-29, 1.45pm

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