A modest two-hander poking fun at psychic readings and spirit healing, charmingly played by Tessa Parr and Gary Kitching, who also wrote the script. Skeptic Kitching meets Psychic Parr after receiving a voucher for her services. An unlikely friendship forms, before turning into something else entirely.

The laddish posters seem to advertise a completely different show, and I was pleasantly surprised by its non-aggressive stance. Displaying early promise with some good jokes and delightful moments, the plotting unfortunately weakens as the hour progresses.

Additionally, there are some strange directional choices, such as the off-putting handling of time between scenes. Parr dances quirkily to Country music, while Kitching slowly circles the stage, communicating some kind of message about their synchronicity via this awkward tango.

High points included the adept comic timing of both actors, who were as convincing as the characterisation allowed for. Parr was witty and adorable, although, being in the round, she often had her back to me, so I missed out on some presumably hilarious facial expressions. Kitching’s straight-faced delivery of the finale is also commendable, and he had some audience members in stitches.

Not an overly ambitious production, but amusing if you are of a skeptical bent.
Words: Hilary White

Dead To Me, Summerhall, Aug 8 – 23 (not 14 or 21), 17:30

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