Lucie Pohl’s unconventional upbringing forms the basis of her provocatively titled Fringe show. The title is not just for shock value though; it explains her awkward relationship with her culture, where despite being a German Jew she expressed such desires as dressing as Hitler for a fancy dress party.

It has to be said that this was due to continually hearing his name mentioned in debates, thankfully, rather than an affinity for his policies.

The story of her life, although interesting, does not prove memorable enough to carry the entire hour of the performance. She slips into impersonations of other family members with ease and presents some great passages, but the narrative’s main problem is that it doesn’t really progress anywhere. Though it is an enjoyable enough journey, the lack of substantial story unfortunately mars the otherwise impressive performance.
Words: Ian Freeman

Lucie Pohl: Hi Hitler, Gilded Balloon, Jul 31 – Aug 25 (not 11), 16:15

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