Review: Phoenix @ The Pleasance Dome

Ash Phoenix unexpectantly becomes a single father when his lover leaves him to make it big in the movies. Left to care for his infant son in their tiny trailer home with only his musical talent, he keeps striving to pursue his dream to become a rock-‘n’-roll star. The show’s central character, Phoenix, summed up the show quite nicely: “The most country music story I ever heard.” 

The show and musical numbers are performed entirely by Andrew Gallo who embodies not only the show’s namesake but also the various character’s who play a part in Phoenix’s life. Gallo manages to almost effortlessly flit between these characters, providing each with a unique personality as well as deliver incredible solo musical pieces in an array of instruments to boot. The songs, in particular, brought a lot of the show’s humour to light. Gallo displays incredible versatility in both his musical and acting capabilities throughout the show that must be applauded. 

At its heart, Phoenix is a story about love, family, ambition and how these factors intertwine as well as hinder one another. It explored how these driving forces in our lives can burn out and how they can eventually rise from the ashes. The show emanates a real range of emotions as it explores these themes, but it is ultimately a heart-warming, uplifting and inspiring tale even if, at times, a little sappy and melodramatic.

Showing August 1-12, 14-26. 13:20

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