What is your life worth to you and to others? This is the question that forms the philosophical core of the remarkable piece of theatre that is White Rabbit Red Rabbit.

Written by Iranian playwright Nassim Soliemanpour, it takes the form of a message in a bottle as a different actor is handed the script in a sealed envelope on stage for every performance. The actor then proceeds to dictate its contents, with no rehearsal or preparation, to the captive audience.

Even without this presentational quirk the play still presents a hard-hitting exploration of choice and survival, but it’s the inspired ploy that transcends it into a truly unique experience. We develop a vicarious connection to Soliemanpour despite the play being written years ago and miles away.

It requires the actor to be an unselfish, empty vessel for the script. Although Phil Burgers, the actor I saw, was slightly too self-absorbed to allow the script to completely flourish, it’s still unlike anything else you’ll see at the Fringe. I urge you to embrace this experiment and see if it changes you.
Words: Matthew Sharpe

White Rabbit Red Rabbit, Assembly George Square Studios, Jul 31 – Aug 25, 14:40

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