It’s Thomas Green’s first Festival, and in many ways it shows. It’s not that he’s not confident, or slick, or that he doesn’t have his material down to a tee. The problem is that he seems to be stuck in the mindset of a club comic. He might be that, but Fringe audiences are too savvy, they desire something with a bit more punch.

By the end of the hour there’s no one whose name, occupation and nationality we don’t know. It’s all a bit paint by numbers. Question, comment, punchline, thanks for coming. Crucially, Green doesn’t sell himself as anything else. Those in the crowd who aren’t as up to speed with modern comedy have a ball. Crucially, that is no disrespect to them or the effort Green has put into his performance.

Despite some strong anecdotes and a well-honed stage persona, it’s just too a little too generic to make Green stand out in a crowded Fringe marketplace.

Words: Tom Crosby

Thomas Green: That’ll Teach You, Gilded Balloon at the Counting House, Aug 26-28, 8:30pm

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