Tiff Stevenson’s Bombshell is everything we didn’t know we needed, from a really good period joke to a collective term for man spreaders. In just one hour she delivers a run down on the rules of compliments, takes on creationism and expresses her frustration with the modern left.

Tiff’s take on the wild world we live in could not have been more earnest. Rather than laughing at the futility of our post-Trump/Brexit lives, she delivered a genuinely hopeful worldview hinging on everyone coming together for 70s disco. She combats absurdity with absurdity, wondering in the same breath why only ugly men believe in a superior race and whether or not Hitler would fancy her.

This strangely poignant show was punctuated by strong convictions, both severely important and shockingly insightful. For example, Tiff deserves enormous props for tapping into much-needed material on Trump’s Scottish mum. He must not have spent much time with her, Tiff speculated, or she would have asked him, “Donald, are ye really gonna go oot with yer hair like that?”

For every daft thing 2017 threw at her, she had the perfect response. This brilliant show delivered not only laughs but some persuasive peace of mind, and these days, that shouldn’t be missed.

Words: Emily Hall

Picture: Steve Ullathorne

Tiff Stevenson: Bombshell, Gilded Balloon Teviot, 3-27 Aug, 5.30pm

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