Tim Renkow has, bizarrely, one of the most straightforward stand-up shows available at the Hive. His comedy is frighteningly competent whilst being reasonably conventional. It deals with topics like London, his mum, and, of course, his own disability.

It’s the fact that his timing and delivery are so proficient which makes every joke land, and is what raises the show far above the norm.

Renkow consistently challenges perceptions and preconceptions around his disability without ever veering into well trodden territory, or relying on it for easier laughs. He has the leeway to say things others wouldn’t and uses it in spades, for both good and for delightful evil. Certain bits, especially his critique of gender issues, really challenge the woolly Fringe zeitgeist.

It’s a masterful display of well-written stand-up with a maturity of performance that raises even the simplest concepts to heights that other comics can only dream of.

Words: Tom Crosby

Picture: Bruce Hayden

Tim Renkow: King of the Tramps, Heroes @ The Hive, Aug 11-28th (not 17, 24), 7:50pm

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