Multi award-winning comedian Tom Ballard returns to the Fringe with a new show full of outrageous laughs.

Ballard has always made it clear to the public that he believes in fighting for equal rights and, as a gay man himself, he tackles prejudices openly in his work. His new show Problematic discusses the world that we now live in, where sometimes political correctness can go too far and other times not far enough. It’s clear to see that Ballard is extremely passionate and while he wants to make everyone laugh, he also wants the audience to notice the things that are wrong in our society and start paying attention.

Ballard creates great rapport with his audience members and heckles them flawlessly. His off the cuff wit and frustration at jokes that didn’t land create a likeable approachable quality, while his blunt and frank way of speaking might shock some at times, but still makes everyone laugh – whether at the joke itself or simply in disbelief.

He also discusses how he tries to leave his ‘bubble’ of privilege, something he dreads, as all in the bubble undoubtedly do at times. His account of privilege is something many can relate to, and while it could be a point of tension, he uses it to great comic effect. Problematic is side splitting and Ballard’s charming onstage manner makes it exceptional from start to finish.

Words: Emily Phillips

Tom Ballard: Problematic, Upstairs @ Pleasance Courtyard, 11th-27th August, 8.30pm

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