Equipped with a microphone and a bottle of beer, Tom Ballard shines on stage as he presents his stand-up comedy show, The World Keeps Happening. Ballard approaches his comedy with criticisms on modern culture and politics, styling material that has much to say.

His comedy frequently pushes the boundaries, bordering the lines of offensive but never quite crossing that line. Narrating on the problems of terrorism, the Refugee Crisis, racism and rape culture, Ballard raises the issue of a society that has become disengaged with the world around them, driven instead by the likes of social media.

What may sound like a hard-hitting, frank message, is layered with witty, laugh-out-loud hilarity to create a show leaving audience members in tears. Quick on the draw with his hilarious observations, Ballard has a strong, charming presence on stage, and creates a memorable and completely engaging performance.

Words: Calum Wilson

Tom Ballard: The World Keeps Happening, Assembly George Square, Aug 18-28, 9:15pm

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