The joyful hate he finds in every part of life will perhaps surprise those seeing Tom Stade for the first time. Through his expletives and rants, there is a definite feeling of happiness; everything is a mess, but that’s fine, because we’re all a mess.

It’s obvious why he has a tendency to perform sold out shows again and again at the Fringe; his vibrant charm and voice like whisky soaked gravel bring a warmth and approachability that other performers strive for.

You’re Welcome! won’t be unfamiliar with longstanding Stade fans as the material covers the same ground he’s comfortable with; middle-age, his children and his national identity. It is slightly disappointing, as it would be a pleasure to see him delve into something different. Even with that, material that could be considered well-worn by this point feels fresh and untouched thanks to his unmatchable charisma.

Words: Adam Wilson

Tom Stade : You’re Welcome!, Assembly Rooms, 9-30 August (not 17), 9.40pm

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