Tom Walker is looking for his Fringe 2017 walk out. Could you be that person? I doubt it.

With a heavy reliance on physical comedy and audience participation, Walker’s sweet and manic style cannot help but endear his audience to him. His tentative, self deprecating undertones partner perfectly with his outrageous and often grotesque humour, and even at the most awkward moments, you stay by his side throughout the whole routine. With an unexpected twist to every gag, it is impossible to tell the direction Walker is moving in, leaving the audience on the edge of their seats waiting for the pay off – and it’s worth it every time. There are moments of clarity too, and the few times Tom breaks the fourth wall create a personal relationship with the crowd that ensures their emotional involvement is never lost.

Bee Boo is an incredibly creative and courageous piece of comedy. It breaks the mould, and manages to stay away from any generic or commonplace tropes in an impressive feat. Although this is a short show, your cheeks will be aching, and you’ll leave amazed that anyone could leave early, wishing you’d had just five minutes more.

Words: Rachel Mackie

Tom Walker: Bee Boo, Underbelly George Square, Aug 11-27 (not 15), 8pm

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