Taking a seat for Tommy Tiernan: Out of the Whirlwind is an experience that parallels to the packing of sardines. After seats are reached through scooting and audience members are settled shoulder to shoulder, the uncomfortable heat becomes apparent. Though its venue is not the most suitable for enjoying show, Tommy Tiernan makes up for it and more.

In Out of the Whirlwind, Tiernan relates his examinations, notions and experiences concerning the current political climate, societal issues, ideology and everyday life. Through his melodramatic exasperated mode and metafictional political incorrectness, he brings out constant hard laughter to the point of tears and forgetting that are you are momentarily figurative canned fish.

Out of the Whirlwind is brilliant stand-up comedy that entertains and leaves you feeling great no matter what.

Words: Sara Vollen

Tommy Tiernan: Out of the Whirlwind, Gilded Balloon Teviot, 5-28 August (not 25), 7:30pm

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