Make sure you grab a drink from the bar before you head up to the Debating Hall for Tommy Tiernan’s Under the Influence; the venue is tightly packed and toasty, but you won’t want to go anywhere for fear of missing a moment of this hilarious show.

Tommy Tiernan’s title Under the Influence has no real connection to his show but neither does the content mesh together particularly smoothly. Instead, expect a trip into the most absurd reaches of Tiernan’s mind as he hops from one topic to another in ridiculous fashion.

Sex, drugs and religion are the staple themes for this Irish comic, along with a smattering of strangely accurate animal impressions. The pace is as erratic and discombobulated as its subject matter, but Tiernan’s comedy styling keeps his audience gripped throughout as he skips from topic to topic.

Even Tiernan clearly finds himself funny, regularly breaking to laugh along with his audience, adding to the intimacy of the performance and resulting in a truly joyous show. If you’re after a break from politically focused comedy and just want a bit of daft fun, Tiernan is your man.

Words: Ryan Johnson

Tommy Tiernan: Under the Influence, Gilded Balloon Teviot, Aug 12-27 (not 13, 14, 24), 7.30pm

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