Tomorrow, Maybe is an immersive musical from writing duo Amies & Clements. Taking place in independent London eatery, Mariana’s, the audience gains an insight into the individual lives of a smorgasbord of sometimes wacky, sometimes touchingly relatable, caricatures.

Rosa, the wistful owner of Mariana’s, is portrayed by the extraordinarily skilled Sylvia Medina and acts as a constant on stage whilst the other actors rotate characters throughout. The female characters are particularly relatable and likeable, most likely ensured by the commendable talent on offer. The men, however, aren’t quite as believable or charming but this is in part due to the script and lyrics.

The production is at times a little bit saccharine and is filled with uncomplicated clichés, but for anyone with a sweet-tooth for musicals, expect 1 hour and 15 minutes of mellifluous harmonies, catchy tunes and all-round uplifting fun.

Words: Joshua Zitser

Tomorrow, Maybe, C Nova, 19-29 August, times vary

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