The inevitability of time weighs hard on the audience as Vanishing Point’s Tomorrow heartbreakingly unfolds. The production’s desire to tell remarkable stories is fully realised in this raw, poignant drama about growing old and what it entails.

A dark and beautiful tale, Tomorrow touches on delicate subjects such as dementia and care as it weaves them into everyday life. Routine, thus, is transformed into a moving exploration of our society and culture.

We see George as a young man who meets his future face to face, and is suddenly brought into his present when an old man’s face masks his own. The three mysterious characters that open the play with a ceremonial preparation of the masks may as well be the Fates, holding in their hands the future that awaits us all.

Tomorrow will take you on a journey, sometimes frustrating, sometimes humorous, yet always thought-provoking and deeply compelling.

Words: Lidia Molina Whyte

Picture: Mahaela Bodlovic

Tomorrow, Traverse Theatre, 11-30 August (not 17, 24), Times Vary

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