Thankfully fresh from a tough run last Fringe, Tony Law is back in a night-time slot, a slight break from his cult crowds. His material is surreal and often gloriously formless but it’s harder, in front of some audiences, to get away with being as niche. The show lands with a third, has another third in stitches and baffles the rest.

Law himself is still a charismatic comic, pulling ideas out of anywhere, with a look that changes about as often as his train of thought. At points it’s sublime, reminiscent of a young Ross Noble, or, frankly, a vintage Tony Law himself. Ultimately, it benefits from its fleeting moments of structure and focus – it’s bizarre observational humour at its best. The trouble is that despite this show being clear and strong, it’s difficult to shake the feeling that Law has a lot more to give.

Words: Tom Crosby

Tony Law: A Law Undo His-elf What Welcome, Assembly Hall, Aug 20-28, 8:00pm

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