If you are in the mood for a straight up comedy set with clear structure and a visible ending, Tony Law is not the show for you. On the other hand, if you’re the kind of person who likes not knowing where a performance is going to take you, and a comedian who isn’t too sure either, then Law ticks all the boxes.

He transports the audience through time, pulling out all the stops in a tailspin of characters and accents that go AWOL for the laughs. Shadow puppets, daisy dukes and an ex-gymnastic career are all thrown into the mix with little pretence in any gags. There is a certain school-boy charm to his delivery, which isn’t always easy when you’re a 6ft bearded man in duck boots. Absurdity for the Common People is peculiar at best, but the words rushed and haphazard also spring to mind at points.

Wide-eyed and grinning he tackles mental health easily throughout the show which is always commendable and compliments his whirlwind style beautifully. However, despite the blustering enthusiasm, his step-ball-change rhythm could be improved on if he slowed down the pace ever so slightly to give himself some respite in between.

Words: Mikey Glancy

Tony Law: Absurdity for the Common People, The Stand Comedy Club, Aug 11-28 (not 14), 12pm

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