As the audience waits with anticipation in the smoky Omnitorium, Anya Anastasia enters with her supporting players, taking over Assembly’s retro carnival-esque venue in a drum led procession. Dressed in 18th century garb and wig, Anastasia begins Torte e Mort: Songs of Cake and Death with a satirical number about losing your head.

Torte e Mort is a work of cabaret that is not only delightfully pleasurable but entertainingly commentative. The show follows Anastasia as Marie Antoinette and other infamous figures in humorous musical numbers that explore concepts including mortality, materialism, and hyperfemininity. With the effective use of wordplay, absurdist humour and impeccable physicality implemented by Anastasia and her cohorts, Torte e Mort successfully serves delicious entertainment with a side of thought provoking discourse.

Torte e Mort is an exquisite cabaret show full of entertaining wit and enlightening spectacle. A piece that raises the bar and cheers.

Words: Sara Vollen

Torte e Mort: Songs of Cake and Death, Assembly George Square Theatre, Aug 4-29, 6pm

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