Toxie is a seven foot mutant with a grotesque appearance and smell to match. He is also an earth scientist, madly in love with the blind librarian and determined to win her heart by saving New Jersey.

The play features a number of vocally challenging and equally hilarious songs, written by Joe DiPietro (‘Memphis’) and David Bryan (of Bon Jovi fame), and performed expertly by the 5 strong cast. It’s a campy, fun and extremely bizarre musical that will delight fans of Little Shop of Horrors, or The Rocky Horror Picture Show. The cast commit so strongly to the performance that no matter how strange the concept is, or how completely mental the characters become, you root for them throughout.

Emma Salvo (Sarah) and Mark Anderson (Melvin/Toxie) lead the production, both with brilliant comic timing and an instant likeability. The stand out however is Oscar Conlon-Morrey playing ‘White Dude’, a role that doesn’t sound like much, but which stole every scene he was in. His energy was one that you wait for: you find yourself holding your breath until he appears again, maybe this time as a leather-clad rockstar, or as an extremely attractive woman in a dress.

You need to go into this show with an open mind and a lack of embarrassment. There are crass jokes, cheesy numbers and an unending suspension of disbelief that will guide you through. So if someone in a hazmat suit sprays you with ‘bleach’ and hands you a flyer, go and see his show.

Words: Catriona Davidson

Toxic Avenger The Musical, Pleasance Courtyard, Aug 3-28, 10.30pm

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