Before entering the venue, the audience all have their ticket switched with a glow stick bracelet. This grants entry into the dark, desecrated and smoke-filled performance area, where we are herded in and sat haphazardly around the floor as the cast of Trainspotting dance in a drug-addled club scene.

This sets the tone for the show to follow, immediately making the audience part of the inescapable intensity of the performers. Let it be warned that the audience are not sacred here: they are heckled, grabbed, sat on and some lucky members even have certain unmentionables thrown at them as the cast steam through a shocking performance of a story that had seemed like it couldn’t get more shocking.

Irvine Welsh’s book lends itself particularly well to the In Yer Face style of theatre the company are known and clearly experts in, with it’s controversial and crude moments, however, the cast also manage to capture the more tender moments with skill, balancing out the show and showcasing the breadth of their talents.

Words: Chiara Margiotta 

Trainspotting, Assembly George Square Studios, 28-29, times vary

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