Fresh off the back of their world tour, Trainspotting Live returns to the Fringe to celebrate 70 years of defying the norm.

Having managed to snag the tunnel at the EICC, this brand new venue adds a new element of intrigue to the show, which has had multiple Fringe runs before. Before entry, the audience are provided with glow sticks and as the doors open, music starts to blare, setting the scene and creating an electric atmosphere before you even step into the performance space. Upon entering, you’ll find yourself in the middle of a full on rave – and so it begins.

The actors bare all on stage, figuratively and quite literally. This is immersive theatre to the max, and I suggest you book yourself a seated ticket rather than general admission if you don’t want a crotch thrusted upon your face.

The cast of 7 bring the characters to life, some playing more than just the one role, with some truly outstanding acting. However, at times the shock factor is used a little heavy handedly – the acting alone is enough to make an outstanding impact in and of itself.

My advice: prepare for an anything can happen evening and if you’re sitting near the toilet, take waterproofs.

Words: Rebecca Divine

Trainspotting Live, Venue 150 @ EICC, Aug 6-27, times vary

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