Trashed is a hard hitting, alcohol fuelled story about grief and tragedy. Exploring themes of masculinity and class with a clever script and excellent staging, this play is one to look out for.

The plot follows a man named Keith who’s trapped in a rut after suffering the loss of his daughter. He’s stuck in his lifelong job as a bin man, his relationship with his wife has broken down and he’s drowning his sorrows with cans of cider. Trashed explores toxic masculinity and the male experience of grief and, in turn, the limitations of this grief within society. Class is also a major theme within this play, adding another string to its bow.

Keith and his wife attend a grief support group, but he prefers to answer to his cans. He tells the audience repeatedly that men get sad too and this is the tragic crux of the monologue. The story takes an even darker turn when Keith befriends the son of another family at the support group; taking comfort in each others company, the boys bond, putting Keith in a dreadful situation when the boy goes missing. As the story unfolds, we begin to see that Keith’s booze fuelled coping mechanism not only leaves him permanently trashed, but also tears his life apart.

This show takes many dramatic turns. David William Bryan play the challenging role of Keith with ease and his performance is outstanding; he delivers with such ferocious energy that he’s dripping by the end. This show is packed with deeply sad and humorous moments, but it’s also profoundly moving. A well invested hour at the Fringe that could put you off cider for a good while.

Words: Katie Mckenzie

Picture: Holly Wren

Trashed, Underbelly Cowgate, Aug 14-27, 1.40pm

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