Cheryl and Tess take you back to the 90s to reminisce about their fathers’ feelings of hope after the Tory government fell and gave rise to New Labour; hope that was passed on to them as young girls with the world at their feet. Tribute Acts reflects on the relationships they shared with their fathers as children and how they crumbled over time as they became young women.

On stage are two screens that play recorded interviews with their fathers as they answers questions Cheryl and Tess haven’t been able to ask them face to face.  A visually entertaining and fun performance, the pair have great comedic imagination and they connect well with the audience.

However, the audience was left wanting more.  The show pivots around the interviews, which seem to focus on the fluff, and we are left wanting to delve deeper, and being thoroughly disappointed.

Words: Zoe Atherfold

Tribute Acts, Assembly Roxy, 6th – 30th (not 19th) August, 2.50pm


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