This year, the world famous mime has a partner – and dare I say, I think he’s showing him up. Phineas Wakenshaw, son of Trygve and soon to be star of the stage, is near unbearably cute as he toddles around the stage, completely non-plussed by the crowds of strangers in the room. Trygve Wakenshaw’s latest show asks the question: is a baby funnier than a professional comedian and mime? Potentially, yes.

The piece is well laid out, with simple sketches constructed cleverly to allow Phineas to play his part easily. In one, he totters in dressed as the sun to scare off Wakenshaw Sr’s vampire, then in another he is the miniature lion to his father’s struggling lion tamer. These father-son moments are by far the highlights, and Wakenshaw’s improvisations around his unpredictable co-star are frequently hilarious.

On the other hand, Trygve Wakenshaw’s solo skits are somewhat less successful. Although there is some entertaining moments, they don’t really compare to the wholesome fun of the joint sketches and it’s hard not to find yourself waiting for a certain smaller figure to reappear.

All in all, it’s a fun and enjoyable hour with an oh-so-Fringe concept that’s bound to get you smiling, even if it’s not some of the most refined or impressive comedy. With it’s mid-afternoon slot to boot, it’s a great one for families.

Words: Chiara Margiotta

Trygve Vs A Baby, Assembly Roxy, Aug 22-27, 3pm

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