You’ve never seen costumes like this.

Chicos Mambos latest production, Tutu, storms the stage in a flurry of pink and white, feathers and muscles. The six professional, classically trained male dancers throw all structure and rigid discipline into the air and succumb instead to Phillipe Lafeuille’s vision, where dance becomes comedy, theatre, parody and beauty, all at once. The performance follows the dancers in a series of sketches, from spoofs of famous sequences like the Pas de Quatre from Swan Lake to trademark Strictly Come Dancing numbers, glitter and all.

Although much of their performing is done with the tongue firmly in cheek, the skill and talent of the dancers is never far from sight. Both dance aficionados and Fringe-goers just looking for a giggle will be in for a treat. The eponymous ruffled tutus come in the form of phosphorescent glow-in-the dark circlets, baby chickens and nappies – to name just a few – in a feat of costume design that matches the production in both comedy and gloriously stunning aesthetics.

The chemistry between the performers and faultless choreography leaves words unnecessary. This production is a spectacle in the truest sense of the word: gaudy, ostentatious and fun, but also simply awe-inspiring.

Words: Chiara Margiotta

Picture: Michel Cavalca

Tutu: Dance In All Its Glory, Pleasance Courtyard, Aug 8-28 (not 9, 15, 22), 4pm

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