Tutumucky, performed by the Scottish Dance Theatre and choreographed by London based Botis Seva, feels like it’s set in some kind of prison underworld. The dancers are often wild and insect-like, crawling and scuttering across the stage, while the soundtrack – an echo-y mechanical soundscape by Torben Lars Sylvest – only intensifies the actions. The whole piece takes place in a murky half-light and Tutumucky is a pretty accurate description of their costumes.

The production as a whole is less of a story and more of a lesson in what you can create through dance and music. It challenges traditional notions of dance and is delightfully unpretty as a result.  The Scottish Dance Theatre is well represented, presenting a strong group of male and female dancers becoming short circuited ballerinas glitching across the stage in their ragged tutus. Dark and entertaining, Seva is testing the boundaries of dance: if the music doesn’t dictate the style, then where does ballet stop and hip hop begin and what dances in the space inbetween?

If you fancy a traditional dance performance, this might not be for you. But if you want to challenge your notion of dance and see what creatures lurks deep in the mind of Botis Seva, step right up, the Scottish Dance Theatre are bringing them to life.

Words: Zoe Atherfold

TutuMucky, Zoo Venues Main, Aug 16-20, 7pm

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