Two Plus Ones are a comedy sketch group who are guaranteed to entertain you. Divvied up into Archie (the crazy one), Luke (the theatre buff) and Josh (the everyman), this trio create character after character based around these personality traits and will have you laughing throughout.

In Huge Night In, they invite the audience to enjoy a night of music and sketches.  This trio have everything they need to make it to the top: their sketches are unique and fit their characters well, and their jokes are simple, rapid and witty.

With immense talent and fantastic energy, each sketch will leave you wanting more. From the beginning, there is no denying that the chemistry between the performers bounces out from the stage and into the audience, getting the crowd onside and relaxed enough to get excited to join in with the Huge Night In. The power of friendship is a hidden theme in this trio’s comedy, and although uplifting for the most part, Two Plus Ones manage to create real moments of heartfelt poignancy.

If you are looking for show to lift your energy up, Huge Night In is perfect to get you ready for a huge night out.

Words: Miriam Larrainzar

Two Plus Ones: Huge Night In, Just the Tonic at The Caves, Aug 3-26 (not 14), 9.15pm

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