Ubu on the Table is an entertaining and thrilling hour of puppetry and physical theatre. As a theatrical take on Alfred Jarry’s late nineteenth century tragedy, it’s holds Shakespearean influences and balances out doom with perfectly timed humour.

The performers keep the audience gripped, conveying the story with moments of both intensity and humour with just a cast of household items for props. Complex themes and jokes are communicated with ease, and the whole performance amplified by the excellent use of set and lighting to communicate a handmade feel.

Ubu on the Table is a show that’s full of energy, and remains gripping and humorous throughout. From the use of the props to the hand painted placards, this performance has a rustic charm well worth witnessing.

Words: Katie Mckenzie

Ubu on the Table, Summerhall, Aug 28, 2.35pm

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