Arturas Areima’s new adaptation of Falk Richter’s famous play examines the absurdity of the capitalist, corporate lifestyle.

The all male, three-hand performance embodies this well; all dressed in suits, the actors perform extreme examples of over-work, from cocaine addled mania and rage to despondent, existentialist despair. The floor is coated in empty plastic bottles – symbolic of a plastic, manufactured society – and the actors crunch through them as they deliver surreal yet profound monologues, and even one drag queen number.

However, at times the furious pace can be difficult to be keep up with as the Lithuanian play is subtitled in very quick English. Already quite confusing and deliberately discomforting as a performance, it’s doubly complicated when your attention is divided in this way.

A true work of classic absurdism, Under Ice is intense, demanding, and most of all, purposely distressing.

Words: Chiara Margiotta

Under Ice, Summerhall, 8-21 August (not 16), 4.20pm

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