The interaction and boundaries between life and art has been a subject of continuous contemplation for artists and great thinkers alike over the ages. However, as recognised by Cressida Brown, the artistic director of Offstage Theatre, this discussion has accumulated a new force in the light of the closure of Exhibit B, as well as the Jewish Film festival and an Israeli hip hop musical being pulled from the venues they were playing at.

Prominently, the discussion of these events, is amplified and gains urgency due to ease of sharing ideas on social media. Walking the Tightrope presents a series of piquant, strikingly performed and occasionally funny plays which unnerve the audience for the better, as they negotiate the tipping and balancing act of placing art. Putting expression of unheard voices at the forefront, the show appropriately ends in a discussion panel adding further to the fluency of ideas it contains.

Words: Ursula Fleming

Walking the Tightrope: The Tension between Art and Politics, Underbelly: Topside, 5-31st August, 3.35pm

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