This Dutch troop make a striking and hysterical Fringe debut with their physical comedy-cum-music show, Släpstick. This is a multimedia homage to their influences and watches like an old Laurel and Hardy sketch. There’s even old silent footage playing in the background which points to their obvious influencers. Set in a surreal fairground, The Werelband even let the audience get involved with the fairground games – you won’t believe the grand prize.

The jewel in the crown of this show is the live music. There seems to be endless instruments on stage to be played and when they are, the results are show stopping. The music creates a world of its own, giving the show a truly cinematic feel. There’s covers of new and old songs like you’ve never heard before, and they all work together to compliment the comedy brilliantly.

The comedic timing and pace of this show is phenomenal. Harking back to the origins of slapstick, this performance brings forth a ton of laughs and the physical comedy and use of props are perfectly executed by the five members of the group. Each brings something special to their performance, and complete with the fantastic costumes, they are magic to watch. Släpstick is guaranteed to be enjoyed by all – you’d be hard pressed to find an audience member who wasn’t in stitches.

Words: Katie Mckenzie

Wereldband: Slapstick, Assembly George Square Theatre, Aug 25-27, 6pm

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