Glasgow based Barrowland Ballet present another talented and energetic dance piece which explores the issues surrounding bi-racial relationships. The explosive start sets the bar for the rest of the show, demonstrating Natasha Gilmore’s powerful choreography brought to life by the stunning talent of the dancers.

The performance explores a range of emotion from intimacy to frustration with an element of humour and playfulness, developing the core theme of human relationships. The physicality and showmanship makes it easy to relate to the story as told by the movements and adds richness to the piece. The choreography isn’t afraid to push boundaries and confront honest realities while creating a very dynamic and watchable performance.

If you’re looking to experience some fine contemporary dance from an impressive Scottish group, make sure Whiteout is on your list.

Words: Donna Foulis

Whiteout, Zoo Southside, Aug 5- 27, 5pm

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