In a comedy set based on his plans for world domination hatched from his parents box room in Kettering, and largely funded by his working in a Harvester restaurant, Will Duggan defies expectation and puts on an impressively stand up performance in Perspicuator. Resilient and warm, his ability to interact with the audience before him are fundamentally what will see him go far in this cut-throat industry.

The Edinburgh Fringe is so oversaturated with comedians of all types that it can be hard not to get lost amongst the crowds. Unfortunately, in light of this some comedy shows can wind up with sparse audiences. You can imagine my first thought walking into this setting – a small audience often doesn’t bode well for the direction of the show. However, Perspicuator is the exception to this rule, and is a show that certainly doesn’t deserve under filled seats. It’s a real test of legitimate skill to talk to people one on one and still harvest laughter – a test Duggan undoubtedly passes. He acknowledges the small crowd but refuses to let the low body count inhibit his performance, ultimately reclaiming it and twisting it into something which actually enhanced the experience of seeing it.

Vibrant and risqué, Duggan’s comedy isn’t really afraid of what you think of him – as long as you laugh that is. Be prepared to spend an hour listening to his case for why you should vote for him and his new world order.

So watch this space for your next world leader who plans to put an end to the conflict in the Middle East by staging a bizarre version of wife swap with puppies.

Words: Emily Hay

Photo: Duncan Elliott

Will Duggan: Perspicuator, Just the Tonic @ The Mash House, Aug 2-27, 5.20pm

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