Will Durst without question has more energy than most comics; his performance is friendly and optimistic, and his show absolutely has something for everyone. His anecdotes about his experience as part of the baby booming generation are without question hilarious. Although Durst often fights the urge to rant about modern society, like many of us, he fails and goes on a rampage about technology’s impact on society.

In this aspect, his comedy lacks originality; so often do comics criticise aspects of modern society that it takes a really fresh perspective to find original humour in such a used out theme.

However, the lack of originality does not represent the majority of the show. Not only is Durst a fun and energetic performer, he also attempts to unveil the meaning of life.

Words: Joel Gutteridge

Will Durst: BoomeRaging From LSD to OMG, Gilded Balloon, 21-30 August, 5.30pm

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