Will Franken is labelled as ‘absurdist’ and in the smaller, more intimate confines of The Stand, it won’t take the audience long to figure out why.

Franken is genuinely incredible in his character portrayals, flitting back and forth between them with an envious ease – each with their own facial expressions and different accents to boot. Little Joe is a show of many layers and Franken plays everybody the audience encounters.

However, these layers can be a hindrance to the comedy. Franken fully expects the audience to keep up with his diverse range of ideas and will leave you by the wayside if you find it a struggle to comprehend.

Very much a niché comedy show with a very American sense of humour, Will Franken: Little Joe will still put a smile on your face – but some of it may be genuinely lost to the British public.

Words: James Brown

Will Franken: Little Joe, The Stand Comedy Club 3 & 4, Aug 18-28, 10.35pm

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