As war and terror become ever more prevalent in contemporary history, the trauma of war and its effects on soldiers resurfaces in relevance as it did at the close of the last War. Thus re-emerges a quartet of adult stories by Roald Dahl, woven together in visual musical poetry, composing the suffering of a fallen soldier.

A lyrical wonderment, you might unwittingly loose yourself in between dream and reality in the rapid changeovers as the soldier wrestles with reality in his hospital bed. The actors play instruments, sing, dance, and act, all without a pause for breath in this unique musical play.

The great stories of Roald Dahl interpreted as you’ve never seen them before – prepare yourself for a fantastic delirium of dreams.

Words: Perrine Davari

Wonderman, Underbelly Potterow, 3 – 28 August, (not 22), 6.05pm

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