These two are a comedy duo that you will fall in love with. Zach is American, Viggo is Norwegian and their playful love for one another rubs off on the audience. They each have their own solo shows at the Fringe, but surely you can’t beat this two for one deal.

The pair’s physical comedy sketches are energetic and uplifting and they bring with them an abundance of feel-good factor. Their work is playful to the point that they can tease about Brexit, American gun laws and how white Norway is and we laugh along with them.

They play with different ideas of comedy and are ready to respond to the crowd’s sense of humour. The two practice different styles on the stage that compliment each other: Zach has control and leads the sketches whilst Viggo’s absurd interruptions offer another excuse to laugh out loud. Playfully manipulating props (and water) too, Zach and Viggo are enchanting in their movements and expressions.

Expertly employed low budget props and lycra and bursts of dance-along beats keep you wanting more. The hilarity of each sketch is thanks to the raw and improvised feel they create on stage; their relationship is natural and honest and they playfully fall in sync with one another like best friends finishing each other’s sentences. They make each other laugh and they will without  doubt charm you to the point of laughter too.

Words: Rachel May

Zach and Viggo, Underbelly Cowgate, Aug 3-27 (not 16), 9.30pm

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