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Taiwan Season: Gaze of the Kavaluan

August 26th, 2015 | by lidia
Taiwan Season: Gaze of the Kavaluan

Chastity and desire come into conflict in this contemporary interpretation of indigenous Paiwan dances. The costumes, neon lights and metal chairs are used successfully, keeping the props to a minimum.

The four main dancers are daring, sexy and young. They flaunt their bodies and are confident in their stage presence. Lap dances feature seldom in Fringe performances, however, in this case, such audience ‘interaction’ is almost acceptable –perhaps not so for the lady sat next to me, whose husband was delighted. I cannot comment on the authenticity of the ancient dance, however, the contemporary performance most definitely talks about sex.

The fifth member of the dance team spends most of the time frozen in the background, clutching a lily – presumably looking over the immoral youth, her presence almost unnecessary.

The loss of chastity is something we can all relate to in this carnal, base performance, which stays true to itself. The dancers are skilled and work well together, making us prudes squirm before teatime.

Words: Elena Sorokina

Taiwan Season: Gaze of the Kavaluan, Dance Base, 26-30 August, 6.30pm