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The Voice of Ray

August 24th, 2016 | by lidia
The Voice of Ray

The Voice of Ray is an absurdist piece of new writing about a dead man called Ray and his anger over people’s bad impersonations of him. Well, I think, at least. The glorious thing about this madcap show is that the bewildering plot line only adds more to the eccentric charm.

Paddy Wilmott skilfully plays Ray, the floundering Aussie upset with his posthumous legacy, and is to be commended for his hilarious facial expressions and deliberately klutzy physicality. Tom Kitching, who plays a variety of characters, proves himself to be an extremely talented impressionist and is, in particular, immensely likeable and charming as a self-assured American host.

The Voice of Ray might not be for everyone but if you’re willing to embrace the outlandish absurdity of the production, you’ll be energised by the duo’s infectious energy and have one of the funniest hours available at the Fringe this year.

Words: Joshua Zitser

The Voice of Ray, The Laughing Horse @ The Cellar Monkey, 4-28 August, 10pm