Review: 00 at Pleasance Dome

Remember the turn of the millennium? Westlife at No. 1, Blair ascendant, the height of the dot-com bubble? Remember the panic that, all over the world, computers would fail when the date counter flipped over to 2000?

December 31st, 1999. The woods outside a small town somewhere in England. Two sisters, their whole lives ahead of them. A young couple, highly prepared for the apocalypse they know is 100% coming at midnight. Well, like 99%.

That’s the setup for this promising new play from the young Argonaut Theatre. Performances really come into their own in the second half, as a series of rapid-fire scenarios for the future after the clock strikes midnight – if there is a future – give the cast of four opportunities to show off their range.

With bags of 90s pop culture references, from Tamagochis to S-Club 7, 00 is sure to resonate most with millennials. But Rory Horne’s sharp and nuanced script, developed together with the company in workshop, does more than mine 90s nostalgia for audience recognition. 00 manages to delve with pathos and subtlety into the nexus of hope and disappointment surrounding the Year 2000 with some insight into our own abject moment in time, less than twenty years on.

00 at Pleasance Dome, until 25 Aug, 10.50am

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