Review: A Womb of One's Own at Pleasance Dome

The all-female company Wonderbox have set themselves a tough task – creating a comedy show about coming-of-age, female sexuality and, as hinted at in the pun-tastic title, abortion. It is a line which is hard to tread – creating comedy out of something which is largely still taboo and emotionally charged – and the cast does so with charm and style.

Sequences about losing one’s virginity in freshers week and exploring one’s sexuality whilst coming from a religious background are amusing, touching and relatable, whilst scenes about Baby Girl at the abortion clinic are emotional and moving. The production is undoubtedly fun, weaving together many different styles of theatre and unashamedly talking about female sexual awakening, which I found very refreshing.

The decision to have the four actresses portray different facets of Baby Girl’s personality felt like it detracted from the audience’s investment in her storyline – dipping slightly into stereotypes at times which belied the emotional charge of the story itself, and at times the show became overtly twee and a tad saccharine.

However, this did not detract massively from what is a genre-pushing show exploring something which is so rarely discussed as frankly in the public vernacular. It’s a show that every young woman should see, and anyone else, just for the sheer relatability of the anecdotes told throughout the play and the undeniable charm of the four-strong ensemble.

A Womb of One’s Own, Pleasance Dome, until 26th Aug, 2.50pm

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