Review: Hot Flush at Gilded Balloon

Pink, glitter, prosecco a blow-up doll and six hens – ever wondered what happens when women go to the toilet together? Hot Flush is your answer.  Nikki Peach and Phoebe Taylor new writing starts with the question – is it an ingrown hair or is it herpes? This gets the ball (s) rolling for a night filled with friendships being tested, inquiry of what a woman should want and some very clever penis innuendos. The characters feel like a millennial cast of Sex in the City, each one representing different personalities that you often finds in friendship groups, and is well portrayed by the all-female cast. Particularly impressive was the role of Pippa (Kate Crisp), who got the job of acting drunk throughout the show.

Sat in the audience you feel like a fly on the wall, observing a real live chat between the girls, which at times can become a bit disorientating with such a large cast. Relevant topics of the different struggles of womanhood feel slightly brushed over, and leave you wanting more. If anything Hot Flush’s flaw to fit too much into a short time, to establish too many characters and their wants and needs before it all ends. But the audience laughed, and could see themselves in the different scenarios, and we all left with a smile on our faces and a few tips on what to do for a next hen party.

Hot Flush is at Gilded Balloon Patter Hoose – Nip at 11.30 pm until the 26th

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