I Lost My Virginity to Chopin’s Nocturne in B - Flat Minor

The audience are seated, and before we can begin to relax – in storms an arguing couple. This is the basis for the first section of Paper Mug Theatre’s I Lost My Virginity to Chopin’s Nocturne in B – Flat Minor. This piece explores the dynamics of a dysfunctional and complex romantic relationship, showcasing the explosive end against the couple’s more tender beginnings. 

If you aren’t already intrigued to see this show because of its snappy title, the writing is well worth witnessing. It can be difficult to make a performance about two people arguing in a room interesting, and whilst this show does have some monotonous moments, the script holds up. The arguing flows in a realistic way, as they lose the actual reason for their disagreement and venture into random, inexplicable and vicious territory. The script is successful in its realism and wit. Sebastian Gardner, both the writer and the actor portraying Ollie, does a good job at being an awkward and anxious modern man. Whilst Gardner’s writing stand’s out, it is Lily Sinko’s performance as Laura that enhances the acting, as she successfully navigates between angry shouting and quiet rage. 

This show would definitely be one to recommend, as it is humorous, tender and well written. It holds a great deal of potential – however, the second half of the piece exploring the couple’s beginnings could do with more movement and better pacing, as it was a little sluggish simply watching two people get to know each other. 

The audience laughed and ate up the tension. Whilst it felt a little drawn out at times, the clear chemistry between the two leads paired with Gardner’s script makes this piece a pleasant watch. 

I Lost My Virginity to Chopin’s Nocturne in B- Flat Minor runs at Pleasance Courtyard, Bunker two, July 31st – 26 August, 3pm.

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